That’s Sleaze Fucking Metal!

BustArt is a five-member Rock’n’Roll/HeavyMetal hybrid from Hanau near Frankfurt/Germany, which, in addition to a lot of fire, also spits a lot of dirt. Both in songwriting and sound, this monster has been crushing through the musical landscape for two years now and released its first self-financed and self-published EP on August 1st, 2020 with “Master of Misbehave”. Recorded and produced by Marc Bugnard in the renowned LFT Studio. The four tracks reflect one thing above all: BustArt is a live band! The recording sessions were not sterile dub over dub over dub, but were mostly recorded live as a band and the listener might get a first impression of what is hitting him, when the band enters the stage. A band that feels most comfortable between the chairs, difficult to nail down and especially to curbe. The monster bites, offends and likes to provoke. The band often welcomes their audience with a beer shower and a “Fuck You”. In the meantime, fans already know how to answer this and keep repeating “Fuck You BustArt!” when the get the middle finger stretched from the stage. One loves and understands each other. With their “Don’t give a shit” attitude, the band often balances on a tightrope at the limit of good taste and is well aware of this. Whether you take it seriously, if one takes it at face value, classifies it as artistic freedom, or understands it as a parody is simply left to the audience!

The hour of birth of the band is dated June 23, 2018. The first time they played together on stage already headlining the F.A.B. OpenAir. The reputation of the musicians in the regional scene is very high and so is the level of energy that their onstage punch reveals. Over the past two years, the band has been scrubbing off their tire treads and plundering their bank accounts, real Rock’n’Roll warriors on their road to fame, which has already made them recognized and known beyond their region.

They played with big names in the metal scene such as ODIUM (Hanau), SOBER TRUTH (Cologne) and BAD BUTLER (Saarbrücken) and supported THE CRIS ROLLING SQUAD (France). They even got headlining status themselves at a very early stage. 

For 2020 gigs as opener for heavyweights like the NITROGODS or the legendary DESTRUCTION should have followed and the festival season was well booked and then … came a tiny little bitch called Corona!

But the five guys are fighters by nature who don’t let the fun be diminished, not by cast changes, not by haters, not by lost jobs, not by failed marriages and not even from a pandemic! They did not stop working hard for their community and released in January 2021 their first full music video. Watch out!

The last two years were full of rich experiences and full of obstacles, but BustArt pushes the pedal to the metal, one hand on the wheel, the other on a chick. They do their own thing, no matter what comes next!

BustArt are: 

Benny Walla – guitar

Rob Horny – vocals

Jens – drums

Daniel – guitar

Eric – bass